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PRODUCT: Freeware

Percent View

Percent View



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Percent View™ - Freeware

Percentile Concentrations for AERMOD

Percent View Main Features

Percent View About Box

Free and Easy to Use

Processes AERMOD and ISC POSTFILES and displays a series plot for each receptor location.

Percentile Plotfile

Generates Percentile Graphs and PLOTFILEs

Generates PLOTFILEs for the selected percentile (e.g., 99.8, 95th, etc.) which can be visualized using Lakes Environmental Software package AERMOD View, or any other graphics package such as Surfer.

Percent View Plotfile

Calculates Rolling Averages

Computes a 3, 8, or 24 rolling average based on 1-hour average concentrations.