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Emergency Release Dense Gas Model

SLAB View Main Features

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Version 5.2: Release Notes

Integrated Graphical User Interface

Integrated Graphical User Interface

Fully integrated interface combining easy to use graphical tools, seamless model run, and automated contouring and posting of results.

Multiple Release Types

Multiple Release Types

SLAB View models several different release types:

  • horizontal jet,
  • vertical jet,
  • evaporation pool and
  • instantaneous or short duration evaporation pool.

Plume Release in 3D

3D Visualization

Watch the plume disperse in three dimensions using the 3D View option.  Understanding how a release spreads has never been easier.

SLAB 3D allows you to create animations of plume migration that can be incorporated into most presentation packages.

Export to Google Earthâ„¢

Export to Google Earth™

This exciting feature allows you to export the footprint and or puff of the source spill into Google Earth giving you a more realistic image of where the spill will impact surrounding areas.


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Output Options

Graphical and Output Options

SLAB View provides you with full control of the appearance of your footprints and puffs. You can specify the footprint levels (ppm) to be displayed, which colors to use, line thickness, and much more.

Extensive Chemical Database

Extensive Chemical Database

SLAB View has an extensive database of chemicals that can be modeled, including their properties.  User defined chemicals can also be added.

Support for Several Base Map Formats

Support for Several Base Map Formats

SLAB View has support for a variety of image and base map formats allowing you to setup your model with confidence and easy visualization and identification of the location of your spill area. Supported base maps include: Bitmap, DLG, DXF, JPEG, LULC, MrSID, Shapefile, and TIFF/GeoTIFF.

Max Concentration Graph

Maximum Concentration Graphs

SLAB View automatically generates graphs displaying the Maximum Concentration Along the Centerline for all the meteorological conditions being modeled. You can specify the Level of Concern (LOC) for the chemical being modeled to be shown in the graph (indicated in this image as a red line).

SLAB Output Report

SLAB Output Report

SLAB View produces several easy ways for you to understand the SLAB output results. You can view the footprint, the puff over time, graphs of maximum concentration alog centerline, and a text report sumarizing the input and output data.

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